Collectible Figurine Fell Foal


  • Fell Foal:  L 6cm x H 5.5cm
  • Material:  PVC
  • Very durable
  • Non-toxic

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Imagine all the mischief that a little foal could get up to. Fells offer a great opportunity for lots of humorous stories.

FUN FACTS about Fells that you could weave into your colorful stories during playtime:

Fells are tough but sweet natured and willing to work with you, however, a Fell is bred to think for himself, take charge of himself, and survive.

The Fell Pony actually gets its name from the Norse word that means “hills.”

The Fell Pony also tends to have what some people believe to be a sixth sense and therefore often becomes alert to the possibility of danger.

A Fell, no matter how sweet-natured, is NOT a pushover by any means and requires that you be a good, firm yet kindly horseman and also have a sense of humour!

The Fell pony is considered rare, even on its native soil of England.

Within two hours of birth, a foal should be up and nursing. Within about 24 hours, they can gallop.

Most foals are born at night and the process is relatively quick. If you’re not careful you might miss it.

The first milk a foal will get is called colostrum. In the first few hours, foals will receive about a quart of it. This milk helps to boost their immune systems.

The legs of your foal won’t actually get much longer. They are about 80 to 90% the length of what they will be as an adult.

Expect some grass tasting after about a week. Foals will nibble on hay and grass at about 10 days old.

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