Collectible Figurine Icelandic Horse


  • Icelandic Horse:  L 10cm x H 8cm
  • Material:  PVC
  • Very durable
  • Non-toxic

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It is easy to lose yourself in a daydream of the Icelandic when you have one of these figurines. Endless amount of untold stories are waiting to unfold through this adorable little horse and will bring delight to anybody’s bedroom or collectible shelf.

FUN FACTS about Icelandics that you could weave into your colorful stories during playtime:

The Icelandic Horses were brought by Viking ships to serve the purpose of being the sole source of transportation over Iceland’s rough terrain. They remained the only mode of transportation for centuries until the first automobile arrived in 1913.

1000 years of no cross-breeding means that the Icelandic Horse is the purest breed in the world. Not only is there one breed of horse in Iceland, but any horse that is sub-standard are excluded from the breeding programs. You will not find purer than this!

Icelandic horses are short and have many of the characteristics of a pony, but they are horses! Those who ride them say that they have a horse’s feel, not a pony’s! The Icelandic refer to them as horses and that’s what matters anyway! In fact, they don’t even have a word for ‘pony’

Some Icelandic horses can change colour by season. For example, an Icelandic horse can be chestnut in winter and white in spring. The Icelandic gets his coat in winter, but who said it has to be the same colour? The Icelandic likes to mix it up and change fashion according to the season.

Icelandic horses are usually not ridden until the age of 4! Since they live a long life, there is absolutely no rush in riding them. An Icelandic horse’s structural development is usually complete by the age of 7 and they are the most productive between the age of 8-18. Their health puts other breeds to shame!

Tulle, the oldest Icelandic horse living in Denmark has lived to 56 years whilst another Icelandic in Great Britain lived to 42 years.

Not only do they live a long life, but both mares and stallions are fit to breed up to 25 years old!  Many breeds are only expected to live to 25 years.




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