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Could I get a tax receipt for my donation?
We are currently not able to issue tax receipts for tax-deductible donations as we are not yet a charity. It is quite a big and lengthy process and we feel that we need to first test and establish whether we get enough support and volunteers who want to come on board with this vision before we can make a decision whether or not to go ahead and form a charity. Only from that point onwards, will we be able to do tax receipts.
If we book a horse party, will you come to us?
It is definitely part of our vision to be able to take the horses to their venue, however, as we are not at that point in the process yet and do not have a van, float or trailer for them yet, to begin with, all parties that are booked will be organised at our property. If at any point, someone is able to donate transport for them or we were able to raise enough funds to acquire transport for them, we shall begin to transport them to their venue as needed.
What do you provide or include with the child parties?

We don’t currently have any specific packages for our parties. We just need to have a conversation together as to what exactly you were thinking or what you are after and we can discuss what we are able to do or give some ideas if you needed some. So really currently all parties are done on a custom basis and according to your budget.

How long will my product take to get to me?
Depending on where in the world you live and the postal service in that area the delivery time could differ so we suggest a broad expectancy of between 2 – 6 weeks.
What if I am able to provide something that is further down your milestones track?
It wouldn’t matter if we had not reached that milestone yet, your gift will still be very useful and valuable to us and it would remarkably speed up the process of getting to our final goal. We would be eternally grateful.

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