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We have a mission.

We can live in a hard relentless world sometimes. People have often lost their trust in humans who have proven to be greedy, selfish and hurtful, leaving much brokenness around. And then they get sick. Many people ask where is the Love of God? How can a loving God allow all this? Fortunately, God does not have to rely on people only to show His love. He has an incredible creation and while people can often be guarded with their interactions with one another, when they encounter the Love of God through an animal who does not come to them with any strings attached or a past history, their guards come down and they can experience such a deep touch of love and kindness that they can feel very valued and know that their life does matter. Leaving their spirit uplifted is medicine that can help them continue to be brave in their battle.

……. you are valued and you matter immensely

Our mission is to bring this message and experience to suffering individuals through the unconditional big hearts of miniature horses.



Take the little horse to visit hospitals, recovery centres, rest homes, homes and anywhere where there is a need for someone to get some cuddles and a bit of love.

Dress Up

Where it is possible and kids are able, to bring along a suitcase of dressups and allow them to have some fun by dressing up both themself and the horse.

Catch the Carriage

Have a little light carriage that maybe even looks a little bit princy and princessy that they could sit in while they are being led around.

Fundraising Activities

Making the little horses available for events or parties to raise funds and public awareness.

Leave a Gift

It would be awesome to leave a horsy gift as a memory of the experience. Gifts such as; horse figurines, horse plush toys, inspirational horse pj’s, books horse mug etc.


Allow for patients to interact with the little horse through hugs and cuddles or even a light groom where able.

Spread The Message

Be open for meaningful interaction and loving encouragement, always letting them know that they are valued and deeply matter.

The idea is to leave a special gift and reminder  of                      their                              visit?

We Currently Have An Opportunity.

Shiloh and Matilda are currently available and their calm and friendly nature will make them very suitable for this mission. Shiloh is Matilda’s mother. She is a little shy with other horses and has bonded with her daughter and the two are now inseperable. The current owner will only release them if they can stay together.   If we were to obtain Shiloh and Matilda

we would need the following:

A Home

A paddock is required maybe in the area of Mudgeeraba, Bonogin, Tallai, Tallebudgera or Currumbin, Gold Coast, to keep them. If somebody maybe has a paddock that they would like to have two little horses maintain for them or maybe need some companions for their horse, we would love if we can form a partnership.

Training Ring

It will be absolutely imperative that these little horses are trained to be bomb proof in any and all situations. Even though they are already good natured, we do need to ensure that they meet the requirement of “BOMB PROOF” For this we will need to be able to access an area where we can work with them on a regular basis. Is this something you can assist with?


Both the miniatures will need ongoing hoof care and maintenance. There will be no need for shoeing them but they will need a trim every couple of weeks. We will love if someone would want to partner with us to help out or train us. As mentioned below, I am sure we can come up with a partnership agreement where both parties would benefit.

A Float or Van

A float will be needed to transport the miniatures to their visits and events. If anyone has a small float that is maybe not used on a regular basis and are willing for us to share it, that would be awesome. Alternatively if a company would like to advertise their float building on the back of a float and allow us to take it around and advertise for them, that may be an option also?

Dress Ups

We will need dress ups for both the kids and the horses. If anybody has some dress ups lying around the house that they no longer need, providing they are still in good condition, we could give them life again. If you maybe love sewing and could custom draw some patterns, we could provide a couple of ideas for dress ups for the horses. Let us know if you love party fun.


We would love to leave a child or a person with a gift to help the memory last longer. This would be a wonderful opportunity for a toy supplier who would like to increase their Public Relations. This would be suppliers of goods that are horse related. Alternatively, if you would like to donate some NEW toys or items that would also be an awesome way to show your care.

Insurance & Legal

As with all the rest, advice in this area would be much appreciated. Any contribution towards this area would be well received.


It would be wonderful if anyone already has a little carriage that they would like to contribute its use of or alternatively, if someone has the skill to build something like that, I am certain we can come up with a plan to make it happen, knowing that the kids would be in the clouds over it.

Rugs & Gear

Rugs, gear and a range of other stable management items will be necessary in order to care well for the little ones. This could be an opportunity for either companies to sponsor them or individuals to donate toward them.


Hopefully, we wouldn’t ever need a vet for anything other than vaccinations and dewormer, but it would be lovely to have a caring vet in our little family that can advise us and help us keep the little ones in great health.

General Costs, and Admin

Donations or volunteering toward general costs and administrative tasks may be more up your ally? If this describes you and you would love to be part of the program, we would love to have you on board.

A Whole Lot of Prayer

Last but not the least we would love for any prayer warriors out there who feel moved to be part of this charity to pray heaven into earth for us where this charity is concerned to ensure every person is not just visited by a horse but by the very presence of God.

You were born to be someone else's hero.

meet the therapists.


She is the most adorable little mare.

13 – 15 years old.

84 cm


She is the daughter of Shiloh and the cutest cute

She is 5 years old

78 cm

one fundraising plan.

Even though we will need several good fundraising ideas, just off the bat, I can see how making Matilda and Shiloh available for kids parties can be beneficial for all involved:


It would bring immense joy and laughter to the kids and also to any volunteers involved.


Our horses would get valuable exposure to being around children who are handling them and dressing them up.


Our horses would become accustomed and comfortable with being dressed up into fancy dress attire.


Our horses would become accustomed and comfortable with being in different environments.


It would bring a lot of exposure to the horses and the work they would do towards therapy.


It would foster a trust in the capabilities of the horses to bring the therapeutic medicine in a safe way to all involved.


Our horses would become accustomed and comfortable with travelling to different places.


It would generate funds to pay for the expenses of the horses.

a few more ideas.


There is a wide range of goods that we could maybe consider, from coffee mugs and t-shirts to pens and stationery. Possibly also making equipment and tools available to others that we have used in order to train them.  We have started adding a few items. Please take a look.


The little horses can make a public appearance to inform the public about their work and their progress and how they can be involved.


Something that I have been considering and is something I have never done is to open a go fund me account to enable us to reach people who would like to be part of the project.


We would love to offer an opportunity to families for their kids to be professionally photographed with Matilda and or Shiloh, while dressed up in either our prince and princess outfits or  alternatively, we can consider your own personal outfits. Photo Sessions will take place at our predetermined venue.


We would love to offer an opportunity to families and their kids to experience a very special encounter with Shiloh and Matilda while having a glorious picnic together with them in their environment. What a great place and time to also pop that question that’s been on your mind.


The little horses can dress up in your company brand and help you get your specific message across to your specific audience. Let us collaborate with you and connect with your clients to improve your communication and connection with them at your next event.

Some Benefits For Your support.

We wouldn’t want to accept your gracious support without there being  some benefit for you as well. Below are a few ideas, but we are open to have discussions on how we could collaborate and add to the list below.


Our sponsors will receive free advertising on our website and social media.


Wherever we are able to source a variety of products, we can offer them to our supporters and sponsors at  discount.


You will be kept up to date regarding the activities, welfare,  encouraging and uplifting stories and upcoming events and raffles to not miss out.


You will  be filled with great satisfaction knowing that because of you, sick and the suffering kids and elderly are getting some love.


It is a law of creation that what you sow you will reap. So, as you bless and support these little horses in their mission, you can expect blessings to flow to your business and life as well.

here's how to put it into action.

There are so many ways to be part of this great cause. Have a look below to see how you would like to help out. Thank you for doing this journey with us.

Provide something from the list

Shop at our store

Sponsor or make a donation

Volunteer your help

Tell a friend about us

Book a special photo session

Book the perfect pony party

Book an appearance for your event

Book a picnic with the minis


Book the Barn Baristas for your next event. They even have options for you to use your own branding and a percentage of their profits from the event will come to Purple Horse to support what we do.


Thank you to Regal Barn Business for creating our website for us as well as other promotional designs.


Thank you to RegalPose for doing our website photos for us as well as doing ongoing photos and videos on the journey of the little horse’s training, outings and visits.


Feel free to leave us your feedback or comment on our social media page

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