Collectible Figurine Fell Pony


  • Fell Horse:  L 10cm x H 8cm
  • Material:  PVC
  • Very durable
  • Non-toxic

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The adventures and entertainment that lies in the stories that will unfold through the Fell are endless. Their character and hallmark traits only offer colourful starting points to any adventure.

FUN FACTS about Fells that you could weave into your colorful stories during playtime:

Fells are excellent survivors; tough, but sweet natured and willing to work with you. Trust, plus soundness and intelligence, are the Fell’s biggest assets. However, the Fell temperament is similar to other British native pony breeds in that the instinct for survival has been bred into them for centuries. Because of this, Fells can provide a challenge to the inexperienced or unwary person. A Fell is bred to think for himself, take charge of himself, and survive.

They have a ground-covering trot and incredible stamina which is a hallmark of the breed and often a surprise to people.

A Fell Pony’s gaits are expected to be active but economical, meaning it is long and ground covering while also not being so high-stepping as to be energy sapping.  The ponies are stocky but quick, strong and active.

The Fell Pony actually gets its name from the Norse word that means “hills.”

The Fell is thought to be a descendant of the Celtic Pony from a foreign stock, which was imported during the times of the Romans. They were actually very commonly employed as draft ponies for the Romans taking part in building the Roman walls; they were also very favored in Northern England. Aside from the Exmoor, the Fell Pony is considered one of the last remaining purebred ponies native to Britain.

The Fell was often considered the “jack of all trades.” They were mostly known for being great pack ponies; they carried goods of all kinds and sizes over various terrains and distances. In particular, they transported quantities of wool to the merchants in the Lake District and carried lead from mines to the coastal smelting works.

The Fell Pony had many uses in many different cultures, some of which have already been mentioned; the Vikings also used them quite frequently and for a few different jobs like pulling sleighs and plowing. They were used for shepherding by the Normans. In the 13th century, they were widely being used in the wool trade in Belgium.

The Fell Pony also tends to have what some people believe to be a sixth sense. The breed often becomes alert to the possibility of danger. In circumstances where the horse is used for mountain transport, the breed can actually gauge the safer way to negotiate the trail. It is possible to ride the Fell Pony through such areas that others can’t pass, and the horse can tell when a track is safe through soft muddy or mushy ground or even what the safest decent of a rocky hillside.

In the 19th Century ponies were utilized for trotting races and sports events as well as light arable farm work, shepherding, and transport such as carrying mail, or goods to market by trap (cart).

In the 20th Century, some smaller Fell ponies were used as pit (mine) ponies while the taller sorts worked delivering milk from the colliery dairy farms. In some areas, they were used for ‘deer stalking’, which required a steady, surefooted pack pony that would carry the dead stag down the hills for the hunter. The Fell Pony Society (FPS) was formed in England in 1916. Queen Elizabeth II is their Patron and is herself a knowledgeable owner and breeder. Her husband, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, often competes in driving events with a four-in-hand team of Fells.

– Modern usages for Fell ponies:
* Riding: Pleasure, Endurance (Olympic) or LeTrec, jumping, dressage, pony trekking/riding stables, riding for the disabled
* Driving: Competitive, Pleasure
* Working: Logging, farming, shepherding, deer stalking (carry game down the hills for hunters)

A Fell, no matter how sweet-natured, is NOT a pushover by any means. A Fell is smarter than the average horse and has the attitude to match. You cannot gain his respect and trust simply by sending him to a trainer; on his return, he will quickly size up your capabilities and behave accordingly. A Fell requires that you be a good, firm yet kindly horseman and also have a sense of humour!

Although accidental breedings are always a possibility it is recommended that Fell mares not be bred until they are at least three years of age, otherwise irreparable damage may be done to internal organs, reproductive organs and may restrict the mare’s own growth and maturity.

The Fell pony is considered rare, even on its native soil of England.

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